I live in Bollington, Cheshire, the Happy Valley. Surrounded by wonderful countryside and rich industrial heritage, there are many sources of inspiration for a photographer. The proximity to the North Welsh coastline is an added bonus, and this also gives me an excuse to eat more ice-creams.

    I have been wielding a camera since I was in my early teens, and have always had a love of photography. I started out using film, and was fortunate enough to have a loft space to use as a darkroom. I still shoot film occasionally, but I let someone else breath the fumes when it come to developing these days.

  Digital cameras are my mainstay now, and I use mainly Nikon full frame cameras, but also use Fujifilm X-Series mirrorless cameras. These produce excellent quality high definition images, which are perfect for large prints and other forms of reproduction.


I hope you enjoy my work, all of which is available for purchase.

All the best, 

Stuart Kirk.