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Feels Like Spring Out and about yesterday in the sunshine and it felt like spring. Found these two on the outskirts of Bollington, Cheshire. Bit early? I'm not sure what's going on any more with the weather, did I miss Winter?

Are they not gorgeous?

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House Guests and Howling Winds This week I have had the pleasure of my sister and her daughter coming to visit for a few days. They live in Bristol, so it's a three hour drive for them, but of course it's worth it to see their darling brother/uncle.

   For a change the weather was amazing! We have had several weeks of cloud and rain, and when they turn up it's all sunshine and blue skies. Anyway, we did the local area seeing the sights, and one of our stopping points was Windgather Rocks on the Cheshire/Derbyshire border. It's a small rock formation that does what the name suggests, and it really was windy up there. Well worth a visit if you are in the area.

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Sunset Yesterday (03-02-16) After a snowy start to the day here yesterday, the Sun came out for a while. Having a very painful cortisone injection in my shoulder in the morning, I was feeling a bit sorry for myself, and decided to take a stroll as the light was fading from the day. 

   I forced myself to use a 50mm f/1.4 lens only on my camera to see, one if the results were any good, and two, if I could actually stand doing a whole circular walk without changing lenses. Well I managed it, and here are some of the resulting images.



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Nikon D5 - I'm not best pleased (at not owning one) How very annoyed am I about this?
It looks fantastic (as ususal from Nikon), but I bought a D4s late last year and would have waited for this had I of researched a little better. This is entirely my own fault, which is why it is so upsetting.
   I suppose I will just have to swoon at the pictures of it for now, it is rather lovely, and I want one #cameranerd


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Chester, My Birthday, Beer. A great weekend (apart from the weather) in Chester last week. Far too much to drink (my birthday) and limited photo opportunities given the rain. These are a couple that made the final cut.

I still find it amazing that I escaped the whole thing without a hangover.

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Bespoke Mounting A busy afternoon yesterday printing and mounting some images for a client. These were bespoke sized mounts for existing frames which I produced from larger standard mounts. The end result was very pleasing, and the finished items are on their way to London as I write this. Hopefully their will be more of this type of thing in the future, as I really enjoyed the process, but that may have just been the fumes from the spray mount......

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Fallen Giant Taken yesterday along the Middlewood way, just outside Bollington. This tree has been down for a long time, but I have only just got around to photographing it. Shoddy on my part I know, but I'm a busy man!

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Printing and Mounting Yep, this is what I have been doing for half the day today, printing and mounting some of my images ready for sale.

I also managed to get in a few pubs (without having a pint, which hurt) to try and promote my wares, and a few shops. People here have been very kind, especially the nice lady at the Dog and Partridge, Bollington. Thanks very much everyone.

Tomorrow will be a day of rest, and possibly a pint....

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Under The Bridge This image was taken on Sunday on a dull overcast damp Winters day. Just about a mile up the Macclesfiled canal past Clarence Mill, in the direction of Sugar Lane. I didn't hold out much hope for the photos I took at the time, and I was right! This is the only one that I thought was worth publishing. I'm hoping for some clearer skies in the very near future, as this dull weather is not helping my photographic cause.

  Just a quick thank you to the very nice chap who purchased one of my mounted images while I was in the Dog & Partridge earlier today. I only popped in to see if I could hang a couple of prints on the wall, and came out with my beer money for this evening. Top man!

Right, I'm off for a pint.


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A Day Well Spent I have spent the majority of the day printing images and mounting them on A3 card mount boards, then adding the frames. It's very satisfying work and the day went very quickly. This may have had something to do with spray mount glue and a poorly ventilated workspace however.


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Week Two Well, what can I say? No joy this week, and not a sniff of a sale : ( 

I have been learning about SEO for the last few days (yawns at length), and merrily submitting my details to the likes of Google and Bing. Apparently it all takes time, and I will have to be patient! I'm hoping all this will drive people towards the site, and people might see something they like.

The weather has been poor in this part of the world this week, so I have only been able to venture out once to take any images. I was pleased with some of the ones I captured, and my current favorite can be seen below.

The Adelphi Mill Bollington - cloudy old day

I'm hoping the weather tomorrow will improve, and I can get out and snap away!

Until next time,


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The First week Hello to you dear reader. This is my first week of the website being live, and I have to say I have been working very hard on the tedious job of titling and meta tagging the 400 or so images. As you will no doubt see, I have not finished.....

The weather outside has been poor, so I have no excuse for not getting the work done, and I will try to do some more today. Considering so few people have visited the site, I doubt anyone has actually noticed : /

Some of my work has been hindered by my IT consultant pictured below. She has yet to grasp the concept of 'personal space' in the workplace.

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