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I live in Bollington, Cheshire, surrounded by wonderful countryside, rich with industrial heritage, and many sources of inspiration for a photographer. The proximity to the North Welsh coastline is also an added bonus.

    I have been wielding a camera since I was in my early teens, and have always had a love of photography. I started out using film, and was fortunate enough to have a loft space to use as a darkroom in my twenties.

  Digital cameras are my mainstay now, and I use mainly Nikon full frame cameras, but also use Fujifilm X-Series mirrorless cameras. These produce excellent quality high definition images, which are perfect for large prints and other forms of reproduction.

All of my work is for sale, (prints, canvases, downloads etc) so feel free to message me via the contact page or alternatively you can email me at info@revolutionphotography.net